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Research – Study

The research concerns the most known and brilliant examples of the common heritage in the Eastern Mediterranean countries of Egypt, Greece, Italy and Jordan. Each project partner conducted research in its area, based exclusively on published data.

The results of these researches have been integrated in one study with a rather ambitious goal: To reveal and enhance the common historical origins of those cultural elements that are still influential in the current lifestyle of the countries-partners.

The common historical background of the countries-partners focuses in two eras of our common heritage: The first one is during the first three centuries after the death of Alexander the Great (323 -30 B.C.E), known as Hellenistic period. The second one is during the three centuries C.E. when Rome established its dominance in the Mediterranean, developing in parallel, the cultural affiliation with Greece. This second period is characterized mainly by the “Greco –Roman Osmosis” which became the Foundation of the Modern European Civilization.

The study, therefore, aims to highlight the establishment of common consciousness and common accession in the Science, Culture and Philosophy of the participant countries. It also seeks to enhance the expressive and artistic interaction between these countries.

DVD Production

Purpose of this activity is the production of a DVD including a documentary of Greek-Roman assets, which are also presented as 3d re-enactments. The assets included in the DVD are identified through the Research-Study activity. Ten assets from each participating country are selected in order to be presented in the DVD. The contents of the DVD form a main output of the project that is directly promoted to the beneficiaries.


In CulMe-WeOnCT Conference, the content of the DVD will be presented as well as the project itself. Aim of the conference is to raise awareness and inform every possible stakeholder on the results of the project. It also aims at bringing together people from different regions and sectors and facilitating their cooperation.

Visibility Actions

Aim of these actions is to raise awareness on the project and to facilitate a better understanding and engagement on its objectives and results.

Main tool for CulMe-WeOnCT visibility is the current website making available the Research-Study as well as the contents of the DVD and providing continuous information on the project. Expression of interest on the project’s results and dialogue are facilitated through the website’s forum, open for everyone in the partner countries but not only.

Through targeted contacts with schools, museums, universities, cultural and tourist authorities and other beneficiaries the DVD will be promoted, encouraging the creative use of its content.

Finally, informative leaflets and brochures will be distributed.


click to download CulMe-WeOnCT Final Study


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